Namaskaara 🙏🏼

Akshobhya Jamadagni here**.**

My Passion

I absolutely love to research and build.

Products, websites, tech demos — I love using my technical skills to build cool & interesting things.

In my spare time, I work on/with open-source projects or on upskilling if I am not volunteering.

<aside> 👉 I specialize in Networking and Cloud Computing.


I love being able to contribute value across different ladders of abstraction, all the way from the highest levels of business strategy down to the lowest levels of implementation details.

My core competency is Computer Networking, but my focus on generalizing makes me an ideal early stage creative technologist, and developer advocate, as I'm adept at wearing many hats and delivering tangible value across all of them.

Combining this passion with the right team and problem space is where you'll find me at my absolute best.


I grew up in Bengaluru and fell in love with Engineering at an early age!

I studied Electronics & Communications along with Computer Science and Engineering at PES University. Currently, I work and live in Bengaluru, India.

Third-person Bio

Akshobhya Jamadagni is a graduate in B. Tech from PES University (Bengaluru) with a major degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (2018-2022) and a minor degree in Computer Science and Engineering (2020-2022). His domain specialization degree is in VLSI Design. He has always had a keen interest in Academic Research and applications of the findings in product development. He has authored and published 2 noteworthy technical papers in international (Bengaluru and London) Scopus indexed conferences conducted in association with IEEE and has a journal publication to his name. He was invited on scholarship as the only student delegate from the globe to attend the Black Hat Asia 2022 Cybersecurity conference in-person to discuss his findings in May 2022 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. He was also a part of the panel discussion on Shadow IT Awareness at a conference conducted by Enterprise IT and the Infosec Foundation.

Akshobhya has been a recipient of multiple merit scholarships in PES University including Dr. CNR Rao, Dr. MR Doreswamy and PESU Commitment to Science Scholarships. He has previously interned in reputable organizations like Microsoft Innovation Lab, Google Cloud India, Fond Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( and Sandvine Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. He has participated in and won at multiple technical hackathons, besides organizing a few technical hackathons every year. He was a Student Assistant for 4 different courses in PES University during Fall of 2019, 2021 and during Spring of 2020, 2021. Besides technical progress, Akshobhya was a very active member of the most followed collegiate quiz club in South India, the Quotient Quiz Club (QQC) of PES University. He has had numerous podium finishes in National Level Quizzes and served as the Club Head of QQC for 3 semesters. He has been a key resource person for organizing, conducting and being a Quizmaster for PES University's ConQuizTador, a National Science and Technology quiz aimed at High School and Pre University students throughout India. He has volunteered at various community outreach programs and internal development activities conducted by PES University. He has mentored a few projects in PES Innovation Lab and trained more than 125 students to get proficient in Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform via the PESU I/O initiative.

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